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Roanoke, Virginia Truck Accident Attorney

Roanoke Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

Large truck accidents can cause serious personal injuries. If you have suffered an injury because of a collision with a semi-truck, construction truck, trash truck, dump truck or any other large truck, call attorney Brad Pistotnik of Truck Accident Lawyer Group. These attorneys have experience and knowledge to handle any type of truck accident and will help you get your deserved compensation.

Roanoke, Virginia is considered the media hub for much of southwestern Virginia. Roanoke is also home to museums, parks and various cultural events. Large trucks, semi-trucks, tractor trailers and construction vehicles travel Roanoke roadways. When accidents occur involving these large trucks, they can cause devastating personal injuries to all involved.
Major highways in the Roanoke, Virginia area:

  • Hwy 220
  • Hwy 11
  • Hwy 116
  • Hwy 24
  • Hwy 221
  • Interstate 581
  • Interstate 81

Trucking companies that operate in the Roanoke, Virginia area:

If you have sustained an injury in a large vehicle accident involving a large DOT licensed truck, you should contact Brad Pistotnik, attorney with Truck Accident Lawyer Group. Accidents such as these can cause serious injury and sometimes death. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group is knowledgable and many kinds of truck accident cases and can help you to find legal justice.

Brad Pistotnik, attorney with Truck Accident Lawyer Group, will give you a free evaluation if you have sustained a personal injury from a collision with a large DOT licensed vehicle such as a dump truck, semi-truck, construction vehicle or earth moving equipment.

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