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Chesapeake, Virginia Truck Accident Attorney

Chesapeake Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

If you or a loved one has sustained a personal injury resulting from a truck, semi-truck, construction vehicle, trash truck or any other large truck accident, call attorney Brad Pistotnik at Truck Accident Lawyer Group. This experienced group of professionals has the knowledge to handle any kind of truck accident or large vehicle collision that has resulted in injury.

Chesapeake, Virginia is located on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and features waterfront industrial, commercial and residential property. Large trucks, semi-trucks, tractor trailers and construction vehicles travel nearby Chesapeake roadways. When accidents occur involving these large trucks, they can cause devastating personal injuries to all involved.

Major highways in the Chesapeake, Virginia area:

  • Hwy 17
  • Hwy 168
  • Hwy 58
  • Interstate 64
  • Interstate 264
  • Interstate 564
  • Interstate 664

Trucking companies operating in the Chesapeake, Virginia area:

When you have sustained a personal injury from a collision involving a dump truck, semi-truck, paving equipment or any other large DOT licensed vehicle, Brad Pistotnik at Truck Accident Lawyer Group is ready to help you with a free evaluation to guide you towards understanding your full legal rights.

If you have experienced a dangerous trucking collision and as a result, sustained a personal injury, call Brad Pistotnik, attorney at Truck Accident Lawyer Group. He will set you up with a free evaluation and you will be able to find out more about your legal entitlements as a personal injury victim.

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