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Sugar Land, Texas Truck Accident Attorney

Sugar Land Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

Trucking accidents can be very severe, leading to personal injury and oftentimes, death. If you have been involved in a large vehicle collision, Brad Pistotnik and the Truck Accident Lawyer Group can be there to help. Focusing on all types of trucking collisions and accidents, the Truck Accident Lawyer Group is able to help you recognize and argue for your legal entitlements.

Sugar Land, Texas is known as one of the most affluent cities in the state and is one of the fastest-growing. Repeatedly ranked as one of the top cities to live in Texas, this rapid-growth city sees a lot of traffic on its roads and surrounding highways. Large vehicles such as dump trucks or construction and equipment vehicles can be threatening when not operated safely. Wrecks with these large vehicles can often result in personal injury.

Major highways in the Sugar Land, Texas area:

  • US Hwy 59
  • US Hwy 90
  • State Hwy 6
  • State Hwy 99

Trucking companies that operate in the Sugar Land, Texas area:

If you have been injured in a trucking accident that involved a construction industry vehicle, a tractor-trailer or another large DOT licensed truck, contact Brad Pistotnik with Truck Accident Lawyer Group for a free evaluation.

The Truck Accident Lawyer Group can assist you with retaining experts regarding specifics in trucking litigation and win your case, receiving compensation for your injuries.

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