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Katy Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

If you have sustained an injury in a large vehicle accident involving a large DOT licensed truck, you should contact Brad Pistotnik, attorney with Truck Accident Lawyer Group. Accidents such as these can cause serious injury and sometimes death. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group is knowledgable and many kinds of truck accident cases and can help you to find legal justice.

Katy, Texas is a suburb of Houston named for the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad (called the K-T Railroad) that ran through Katy in the 19th century. With rapid residential growth, there is traffic in Katy that must share the road with construction and semi-trucks. These large vehicles can pose dangers when operated improperly, causing accidents that result in serious injuries.

Major highways in the Katy, Texas area:

  • Interstate 10
  • US Hwy 90

Some trucking companies that operate in the Katy, Texas area:

Brad Pistotnik, attorney with Truck Accident Lawyer Group, will give you a free evaluation if you have sustained a personal injury from a collision with a large DOT licensed vehicle such as a dump truck, semi-truck, construction vehicle or earth moving equipment.

Cases which involve accidents such as these can be very difficult and stressful, necessitating the expertise of lawyers and attorneys with knowledge and experience in trucking litigation. The Truck Accident Lawyer team knows how to retain experts regarding specifics of trucking law and can help you to win your case and receive maximum compensation.

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