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Sand Springs, Oklahoma Truck Accident Attorney

Sand Springs Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

Trucking accidents can be very dangerous, leading to serious personal injury and sometimes death. If you have been involved in a truck-related accident with a large DOT registered vehicle, Brad Pistotnik and the Truck Accident Lawyer Group can be there to help. Focusing on all types of trucking collisions and accidents, the Truck Accident Lawyer Group is able to help you recognize and argue for your legal dues.

Sand Springs, Oklahoma is a suburb of Tulsa. The city was founded by philanthropist Charles Page as a haven for orphans and widows. Sand Springs has a growing economy largely focused on promoting small businesses. Several highways are located around Sand Springs. Large vehicles and trucks traveling these highways can cause major accidents that result in personal injury to other drivers sharing the road.

Highways in the Sand Springs, Oklahoma area:

  • Hwy 51
  • Hwy 75
  • Hwy 64
  • Hwy 97
  • Interstate 44
  • Hwy 412

Trucking companies that operate in the Sand Springs, Oklahoma area:

Truck accident cases can be very complicated and require the efforts of law professionals with expertise in truck-related law. Contact Brad Pistotnik if you have been injured in a trucking incident, and he and the Truck Accident Lawyer Group will set you up with a free evaluation to explore your legal rights and options.

The Truck Accident Lawyer Group can help you to fight for your legal entitlements and receive maximum compensation for your injury sustained during a truck-related accident.

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