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Utica, New York Truck Accident Attorney

Utica Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

Have you been involved in a collision with a truck, semi-truck, construction vehicle, dump truck, trash truck or any other type of large truck? Injuries sustained from large truck accidents can be serious and treatment can be costly. Call Brad Pistotnik of Truck Accident Lawyer Group to get help with your truck accident case and receive compensation for your injuries.

Utica, New York is known for having an extensive park system including winter and summer facilities. Utica is home to Utica College, the State University of New York Institute of Technology, several community colleges and Utica School of Commerce. Utica highways are home to large trucks, semi trucks, tractor trailers and construction vehicles. Large trucks can cause dangerous accidents producing serious injuries.

Major highways in the Utica, New York area:

  • Hwy 5S
  • Hwy 8
  • Hwy 5
  • Hwy 12
  • Interstate 790
  • Interstate 90

Trucking companies in the Utica, New York area:

Serious personal injury and sometimes death can occur as a result of a dangerous trucking accident. If you have experienced personal injury as the result of a collision with a semi-truck, construction or equipment vehicle, dump truck or another large truck, contact attorney Brad Pistotnik and the Truck Accident Lawyer Group. This group of attorneys and lawyers is focused on all types of trucking related accidents and can help you to fight for your legal dues.

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