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Wayne Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

An accident with large trucks such as tractor trailers, semi-trucks and commercial vehicles can lead to personal injury. If you have experienced personal injury from such an accident, contact Brad Pistotnik, attorney of the Truck Accident Lawyer Group. Accidents involving large trucks can lead to serious injuries and sometimes death. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group is dedicated to fighting for your rights, specializing in all types of trucking accidents.

Wayne, New Jersey is located less than 15 miles from Manhattan in Passaic County. This city has a population of nearly 54,000 and is home to William Patterson University. Travelers and residents alike utilize the roads and highways in the Wayne area. These roads can be problematic when filled with large trucks such as semi-trucks and tractor trailers. An error on the part of a large truck driver can lead to serious personal injuries from accidents.

Major highways in the Wayne, New Jersey area:

  • Interstate 80
  • US Route 46
  • US Route 202
  • US Route 23

Trucking companies that operate in the Wayne, New Jersey area:

If you have been a personal injury victim of a large truck accident and have a case, it is imperative that you seek out expertise of attorneys and lawyers who understand truck accident law and how to find experts regarding specialized areas of trucking litigation. Contact Brad Pistotnik at Truck Accident Lawyer Group to get a free evaluation to learn more about your legal rights.

The Brad Pistotnik attorneys at Truck Accident Lawyer Group are available to help those in the Winfield area with their knowledge and experience of truck accident law. If you have suffered personal injury due to a trucking accident, the Truck Accident Lawyer Group will help you to win your case and receive the maximum amount of compensation available.

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