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Lincoln, Nebraska Truck Accident Attorney

Lincoln Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

If you have sustained an injury in a truck-related accident, contact Brad Pistotnik with Truck Accident Lawyer Group. Accidents such as these, involving dump trucks, semi-trucks, construction vehicles or any other large DOT licensed vehicle, can cause serious injuries and sometimes death. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group is motivated to help you collect the maximum compensation you deserve for your injury from a truck accident.

Lincoln is the capital and second-most populous city in Nebraska with a population of over 250,000. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a large contributor to the local economy of Lincoln. Students and residents alike travel the busy highways of Lincoln, which can be dangerous when the roads are shared with a large truck driver who is acting negligent.

Major highways in the Lincoln, Nebraska area:

  • US Highway 80
  • State Highway 77
  • State Highway 34

Trucking companies operating in the Lincoln, Nebraska area:

Collisions with large trucking vehicles can be very dangerous and stressful when they result in personal injury. If you have sustained a personal injury from a trucking accident, contact attorney Brad Pistotnik. He and the Truck Accident Lawyer Group will give you a free evaluation so you can find out about your legal entitlements from a legal counsel who focus on all types of trucking accidents.

The focus on trucking accidents helps Brad Pistotnik and Truck Accident Lawyer Group to retain experts in various areas of trucking law, such as driving fatigue and safety procedures. This will help you to win your case and receive the maximum amount of compensation for your personal injuries received in a trucking accident.

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