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Lake Charles, Louisiana Truck Accident Attorney

Lake Charles Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

Collisions with dump trucks, trash trucks, semi-trucks or other large vehicles can be extremely drastic and often result in serious personal injury and sometimes death. Brad Pistotnik, attorney with Truck Accident Lawyer Group can help you with a court case involving a large truck crash. The knowledge and experience with such cases allow the Truck Accident Lawyer Group to successfully fight for your legal rights.

Lake Charles is the fifth largest city in Louisiana, located on Lake Charles, Prien Lake and the Calcasieu River. With a population of over 70,000, this growing city is a considered a major center of petrochemical refining, tourism, gaming and education. With lots of tourism, the highways in the Lake Charles area can be crowded and busy, which can be dangerous when there is a negligent large truck driver on the road. Accidents with large DOT licensed vehicles can lead to serious personal injury.

Major highways in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area:

  • Interstate 10
  • Interstate 210
  • US Highway 90
  • US Highway 171
  • State Highway 14

Trucking companies operating in the Lake Charles, Louisiana area:

  • Alvin R James Trucking
  • A2Z Trucking
  • Big Trucking Inc
  • Big Heavy Trucking LLC
  • Dealer Transport Service
  • Calcasieu Logistics LLC
  • M&H Trucking
  • Central Crude Trucking LLC
  • Carmen Trucking LLC
  • Carlton Vanwinkle Trucking
  • Burch Trucking
  • Chris Devillier Trucking LLC
  • Champagne Services
  • Chaisson Brothers Trucking
  • D&D Transporters
  • E&K Independent Distributors
  • Earl White Trucking Inc
  • F&F Wireline Service LLC
  • Edwards Postal Service
  • Hagen Trucking
  • Hale Wholesale Distributing Co Inc
  • J&V Trucking Inc
  • Clark Postal Service
  • HD Truck & Tractor Inc
  • J Cook Trucking Co
  • J and M Industrial Services

Truck accident cases can be very complex and require the efforts of law professionals with expertise in trucking litigation. Contact Brad Pistotnik if you have been injured in a truck-related accident, and he and the Truck Accident Lawyer Group will set you up with a free evaluation to explore your legal options.

The Truck Accident Lawyer Group can help you to win your case and receive your rightful compensation because it is filled with legal professionals who have the knowledge and experience it takes to win such a court case. Contact Brad Pistotnik with Truck Accident Lawyer Group; they have the ability to retain professionals regarding trucking litigation and to help you win your case.

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