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Smyrna Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

Accidents involving large trucks such as trash trucks, dump trucks, construction trucks and equipment, earth moving vehicles can cause devastating injuries and even death. If you have experienced a personal injury as a result of a wreck or incident involving a construction or equipment vehicle, tractor trailer, paving or earth moving vehicle or another large DOT licensed truck, contact Brad Pistotnik, attorney with Truck Accident Lawyer Group. These attorneys are dedicated to assisting victims who have suffered personal injury as a result of negligent truck driving.

Over the past two decades Smyrna, Georgia has bounced back from urban decline. To spark this urban renewal, the city began a redevelopment project known as “Market Village” in the early 90s. Smyrna has become an affluent area and many residents and visitors share the busy roadways with large truck drivers. These large trucks can create dangerous driving conditions when drivers are distracted and reckless.

Major highways in the Smyrna, Georgia area:

  • US Highway 41
  • State Highway 280

Trucking companies operating in the Smyrna, Georgia area:

The Truck Accident Lawyer Group understands that incidents involving large trucks are very serious and often result in severe injury and even death. If you have suffered an injury as a result of a reckless and unsafe truck driving, call Brad Pistotnik at Truck Accident Lawyer Group. You will receive a free case evaluation and information regarding your legal rights as a truck accident victim.

Cases which involve accidents with large vehicles require the help of legal professionals who focus on this specific area of trucking litigation. The attorneys at Truck Accident Lawyer Group have the concentrated knowledge and experience it takes to involve the help of experts regarding driving fatigue, safety, log evaluation and other areas of trucking law. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group will help you to not only win your case, but also help you receive the largest amount of compensation available for your personal injuries.

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