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Macon Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

Trucking collisions involving construction vehicles, dump trucks, or other large DOT licensed trucks can be very serious. Brad Pistotnik and the Truck Accident Lawyer Group can help you if you have fallen victim to personal injury as a result of a truck-related accident. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group can help you to realize your legal rights and win maximum compensation for your personal injury from a trucking accident.

Macon, Georgia has a population of approximately 91,000 and is nicknamed the “Heart of Georgia.” Along with Macon’s numerous museums and tourists sites, it is also the birthplace for many music legends such as Ottis Redding, Little Richard, Bill Berry of R.E.M., The Allman Brothers and many more. Visitors and residents alike can face driving dangers when they travel alongside a large truck driver who is being negligent.

Major highways in the Macon, Georgia area:

  • Interstate 16
  • Interstate 75
  • Interstate 475
  • US Route 23
  • US Route 41
  • US Route 80
  • US Route 120
  • State Route 11
  • State Route 19
  • State Route 22
  • State Route 74

Trucking companies operating in the Macon, Georgia area:

Being aware of your legal rights is key when you have sustained a personal injury in a trucking accident. Contact Brad Pistotnik if a collision involving a large DOT licensed vehicle has left you with a personal injury. He and the Truck Accident Lawyer Group will give you a free evaluation to help you better understand your legal entitlements.

The Truck Accident Lawyer Group are experts and specialize in various areas of truck law. Trucking collisions which involve personal injury can be difficult and complicated requiring legal experience in handling truck-related accidents. At The Truck Accident Lawyer Group, a focus is put on all types of trucking accidents. This allows them to be able to retain experts in trucking litigation to help you win your court case and receive compensation for your injuries.

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