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Atlanta, Georgia Truck Accident Attorney

Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

Brad Pistotnik, attorney with Truck Accident Lawyer Group, is available to provide you his expertise and knowledge in dealing with accident cases involving large trucks. Contact him if you have been personally injured in a trucking accident involving a large DOT licensed vehicle. These accidents are very dangerous and can result in serious injury or even death. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group is ready to help you fight for legal justice.

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and home to over 420,000 residents. Atlanta is a major business city and the primary transportation hub of the southeastern United States. Both residents and travelers can face unsafe driving conditions when they share these roads with reckless truck drivers.

Major highways in the Atlanta, Georgia area:

  • Interstate 20
  • Interstate 75
  • Interstate 85
  • Interstate 285
  • US Route 19
  • US Route 23
  • US Route 29
  • US Route 41
  • US Route 78
  • US Route 278
  • State Route 3
  • State Route 6
  • State Route 9
  • State Route 10
  • State Route 13
  • State Route 14
  • State Route 42
  • State Route 54
  • State Route 70
  • State Route 74
  • State Route 92
  • State Route 120
  • State Route 138
  • State Route 139
  • State Route 140
  • State Route 141
  • State Route 154
  • State Route 400

Trucking companies operating in the Atlanta, Georgia area:

Court cases involving serious person injury due to a truck accident can be difficult and complicated, which is why the attorneys at Truck Accident Lawyer Group focus on all types of large vehicle accidents. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you receive the legal compensation you deserve. If you are a personal injury victim, contact Brad Pistotnik with the Truck Accident Lawyer Group, and you will receive a free evaluation where you can explore your legal entitlements.

The Truck Accident Lawyer Group has experience in retaining experts in areas of trucking litigation that are needed to take legal action. Contact Brad Pistotnik at Truck Accident Lawyer Group so that you can begin to receive help in winning your court case and get your fair compensation.

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