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Modesto Truck Accident Attorney / Lawyer

If you have been through a personal injury due to a collision with a tractor trailer, semi-truck, construction vehicle or any other large DOT licensed truck, contact Brad Pistotnik at Truck Accident Lawyer Group. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group understand that accidents with large trucks can be very serious, and the team possesses knowledge and experience to help you fight for your legal rights if you have suffered a personal injury from a trucking accident.

Modesto, California has a population of over 200,000 and is home to the critically acclaimed Gall Center for the Arts, Prospect Theater Project, The Modesto Symphony Orchestra and more. Tourists and residents of the Modesto area can face danger on the busy roads and highways of the Modesto area, especially when there is a negligent large truck driver.

Major highways in the Modesto, California area:

  • Interstate 5
  • State Highway 99
  • State Highway 132
  • Interstate 580
  • State Highway 108

Trucking companies that operate in the Modesto, California area:

Understanding your legal rights is key when you have sustained a personal injury in a trucking accident. Contact Brad Pistotnik if a collision involving a large DOT licensed vehicle has left you with a personal injury. He and the Truck Accident Lawyer Group will give you a free evaluation to help you better understand your legal entitlements.

Cases involving truck accidents require expertise and thorough knowledge of the trucking litigation sector of the law. The Truck Accident Lawyer Group has experience with retaining experts regarding driving fatigue, log evaluation and other areas of trucking litigation and can help you to not only win your case, but also receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

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