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June 24, 2012

The explosion of handheld devices, cell phones, computer tablets, and other similar electronic devices in the past decade has lead to a major rise in accidents and fatalities on our roadways. Compounding this problem has been the increased use of these devices by commercial truck drivers for business purposes or fighting roadway boredom.

To help combat this issue, the US Department of Transporation (DOT) recently issued a series of new driving restrictions for commercial truck and bus drivers. Most notably, the 2010 changes probit commercial truck and bus drivers from texting with any handheld cellphone or other device that takes a driver’s attention off the road. In short, it is now against federal law for truck or bus drivers to text, surf, Tweet, or perform any other related task on handheld devices while driving.

If you have been involved in an accident with a truck and suspect the truck operator was distracted while driving, there are steps that can be taken to determine if the driver was in fact using his or her handheld device during or around the time of the accident.

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