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Tire Blowout Incidents Can Result in Truck Accidents

Tire Blowout Incidents Can Result in Truck Accidents

August 6, 2012

Tire blowouts are a common cause of accidents for many vehicles on the roadway. Tire failure at high rates of speed can result in a loss of control of a vehicle and a serious accident with injuries. When this occurs on trucks, the results can be compounded and much more devastating. Because of the number of tires on a truck, tire blowouts during highway driving do not always result in accidents. However, tire failure is still a very common cause of truck accidents.

Trucking companies are required by law to adequately inspect and maintain their vehicles on a regular basis. Tires are an important part in this process and unfortunately, in order to cut costs, some companies use cheaper retread tires and other efforts to place profits ahead of safety.

Retread (re-used) tires on trucks and 18-wheelers increase the chances of tire failure on the roadway. Many times, the top layer of the tire will completely peel away, leaving dangerous obstacles behind for drivers. If anyone has done any highway driving recently, chances are you have seen these tire scattered all over the road on many of our nation’s interstates.

If you have been involved in a truck accident due to tire failure on a truck, it’s important to determine if the trucking company or truck driver attempted to circumvent safety laws and maintenance requirements.

At the Truck Accident Lawyer Group, we will aggressively investigate truck accidents to determine liability and negligence, seeking to provide our clients with monetary damages as a result of injuries that may have occurred during these types of accidents.

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