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Is Your Personal Attorney Working in Your Best Interest?

The personal attorney you decide to have your case handled by should always make it their commitment to work in your best interest. When looking for an attorney you should always look for certain key working practices. These practices include factors such as: experience, credentials, and how the attorney handles settlement offers. Many cases do not settle for a fair value until the lawyer writes a petition and mails it to the insurance carriers. Lawyers who just write a letter and never file suit never scare any insurance company. Settlement lawyers are never feared.

Ask Your Attorney About Their Settlement Practices

As a litigant in court, executive decisions regarding settlements, are ultimately up to you. However, an attorney that truly has your best interests in heart will assist you in making the most informed, well-planned and productive settlement decisions.

You should ask a potential attorney about their legal practices regarding settlement offers. If a lawyer states that they prefer to only accept settlements if they're relatively close to the initial amount being sought after or they strongly advise against settling before a trial, this is a promising sign. This indicates that the attorney is truly concerned with your case and is prepared to fight for the maximum reward amount possible. You want a firm that files dozens of lawsuits a year because the insurance companies know how much it will cost them to fight and they try to settle with these lawyers.

Don't Overlook an Attorney's Human Qualities

When thinking about litigation processes and law, it's easy to overlook basic human qualities in an attorney. Remember, your personal attorney handling your case is an actual person. When you're looking to gauge a lawyer's capabilities, you want your attorney to come across as compassionate towards your injuries and your case. At the same time you need a tough, aggressive, smart and capable lawyer. Call in the Bull! Call Brad.

A sense of trustworthiness, loyalty, and honesty is not only a sign that an attorney is on your side, it's also an indicator that they'll truly care and will champion for you and represent you to the fullest extent in court.

Transparency, straightforwardness, and communication skills also play a major role in selecting a fitting personal attorney. When questions and concerns arise during a consultation, a prospective attorney should respond promptly with a candid response to assure that you'll never be left in the dark about developments in your case.

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