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Work Accident Lawyer: Why Do you Need One?

How do I find the best workers compensation attorneys and lawyers in Kansas and western Kansas? What should you do after being involved in a work accident? Many employees are covered by workers compensation insurance and cannot sue their employer over work related injuries. In this case, the employer is responsible for filing your compensation claim with their insurance company. All you are required to do is to report the accident as soon as it happens and see a doctor. However, this process is not always a ride in the park and most accident victims run into trouble along the way. It is also possible that you do not fall under the workers compensation law and will need to file a lawsuit for your work injury, if you want to be compensated for your injuries. When you reach a deadlock concerning your work accident compensation, it is time to seek the services of a work accident lawyer like Brad Pistotnik Law.

Remember that you must make your claim with your employer within ten days of the accident. Otherwise, you will likely lose.

The physical pain and financial problems that follow a work accident can bring a lot of anxiety about the future of your health and the ability to provide for those who are dependent on you. You may be stressed about your financial future more so by the fact that the road towards being compensated may appear long and complex. This happens to many work accident victims, but you do not have to worry, because Brad Pistotnik is a work accident attorney who has been helping injury victims --like you-- for over 30 years.

Brad Pistotnik Law will help you obtain compensation which can be used to pay medical expenses and provide for those who depend on you. It doesn't matter if the accident was caused by your employer not providing a safe working environment, using defective equipment, exposure to toxic material, insufficient training, lack of safety guidelines, motor vehicle mishaps, or a co-worker 's negligence, seeking a work accident lawyer for your claim is important in many ways.

Your free consultation will allow you the opportunity to discuss the facts of your case and allow you to choose an attorney who will fight for you. You can get a quick and fair settlement, and only pay when there is compensation.

The most important thing after you are involved in a work accident is knowing that you are entitled to compensation benefits, whether you are covered under the worker’s compensation insurance cover or not. Take the first step and report the injury as soon as possible. Failure to do so will jeopardize your right to a deserving compensation.

Do not allow the insurance companies to limit the benefits for your injuries.

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