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Winter Driving Safety Tips to Live by

Winter's icy grip is closing in on the midwest, and you need to prepare yourself for the icy roads, snowdrifts, and cold weather conditions making their way into the region. The sooner you prepare yourself and your vehicle for winter driving safety, the less likely you are to end up in an auto accident before the spring thaw arrives.

  • Change Your Tires. Surveys by Consumer Reports show that about 20% of Americans use snow tires on their vehicles. The fact is that snow tires deliver better traction on icy, snow-covered roads, which means they give you a shorter stopping distance.
  • Check Your Fluids. Make sure that your antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid reservoirs are filled. You should also make sure to fill up on oil and transmission fluid.
  • Test Your Battery. Take your battery to a mechanic or auto parts store, and have them test its charge. If the battery charge is weak, then replace it before it leaves you stranded on the side of the road.
  • Fill Your Emergency Kit. Every vehicle in Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, or Missouri should have an emergency kit in the trunk. The remote stretches of highway and multitude of rural roads in these states mean that if an accident occurs, it could be a while before help arrives. At a minimum, your kit should include emergency flashers, road flares, food/water, a thermal blanket, flashlight, jumper cables, hand warmers, a warm change of clothes, and a first aid kit.
  • Tune in to the Weather. Always check the weather and road conditions before heading out. Watching these will help you avoid travel and traffic when inclement weather is entering the area.
  • Fill up on Fuel. Keep your fuel tank at least 50% full over the winter. The weight will help increase traction. Further, having fuel in the tank means you won't run out of gas along the way.
  • Slow. Down. Approximately 24% of motor vehicle crashes occur on icy roads. These cause roughly 1,300 fatalities and 76,000 personal injuries. The best way to avoid an accident on icy, snow-covered roads is to slow down. The overwhelming majority of these involve vehicles traveling at speeds that are unsafe for prevailing road conditions.
  • Tell People Your Travel Plans. Heading over the river and through the woods for the holidays? Be sure that at least one person knows your route and when you expect to arrive. This person can call to check in on you if your late or dispatch emergency responders if you're very late and out of contact.

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