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There are a lot of Wichita lawyers out there. When it comes to personal injury, you want to find representation quickly and securely. You want representation that has numbers backing it up. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how willing a lawyer is to help you if he's never won a case in his life. That's one reason Brad Pistotnik Law is so recommendable in and around Wichita. They've been able to secure millions in settlements for their exceptionally diverse clientele.

When you've sustained a personal injury, the thing you need to do is get a personal injury attorney on the line as quickly as possible. It actually makes a lot of sense to have the phone number of reputable representation in your phone at all times. There are varying statutes regarding what can and can't be litigated. Insurance Law is complicated, and those who provide insurance have a motive to ensure they pay out as little as possible. The same thing happens in Corporate Law when an employee on the job site has sustained an injury. Workman's compensation is not something large corporations give out readily. If they can refrain from a pay-out, they'll do it every time. But with representation that has been acquired as early as possible, you're a lot more likely to get the reimbursement for your injury that you justly deserve.

Brad Pistotnik Law has developed such a reputation for excellent representation that their services have transcended Kansas. They may be Wichita lawyers, but Brad Pistotnik Law has represented clients in Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois, and have even done Pro Hac Vice work in Texas and Missouri. The Wichita Lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law have also extended throughout the state, representing clients in Dodge City, Liberal, Garden City, Hutchinson, Hays, Salina, Colby, Emporia, Newton, McPherson, Arkansas City, Winfield, Hugoton, Goodland, Topeka, Kansas City, Pittsburg, Coffeyville, Wellington, Kingman, Pratt, Great Bend, Satanta, El Dorado, Augusta, Manhattan, Junction City, Abilene, and many more. Since Brad Pistotnik Law often deals with personal injury, they're regularly working workman's compensation cases, and regularly represent clients injured on the highway or interstate. They've represented clients on highways 50, 56, 400, 83, 183, 54, and interstates 70 and 35, among others.

Brad Pistotnik Law focuses on cases where substantial injury has been sustained; the kind that results in amputation, coma, paralysis, and in some cases even death. Physical harm is the specialty of the Wichita lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law, and many kinds have been represented over the years. Tractor-trailer accidents and auto accidents are regularly seen, as are commercial vehicle accidents and motorcycle accidents. As previously mentioned, construction site accidents are an absolute mainstay of Brad Pistotnik Law. The last thing to consider about Brad Pistotnik Law is their policy on payment. If you are not awarded a settlement, you won't have to pay a dime. The idea is to only represent clients for whom a settlement can be obtained. It is rare that this is not successfully done, as the millions of dollars in recovery statistic demonstrates.

If you've sustained an injury of some stripe, it doesn't make any sense to do nothing, or to approach the legal landscape without representation. What you need to do is contact Wichita lawyers as quickly as possible, and be sure you've chosen the ones you can depend on. Call Brad Pistotnik Law anytime 24 hours a day at 1-800-241-BRAD or at 316-684-4400 or on his cell at 316-706-5020.