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Why You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

The aftermath of a personal injury case can be daunting for a victim. It's imperative to understand that getting a personal injury lawyer can help deal with the legal stresses that come with an accident. While the damage has been done, it's also essential to understand that an excellent trial lawyer can fight for you, while you take the time to heal.. Brad Pistotnik has helped many victims of automotive accidents across Highways 400, 83, 183, I-70, 54, 50 and more. Kansas laws, statutes and regulations regarding personal injuries can deviate from many other states, so a quality personal injury lawyer in your area can navigate them for you.

Coping With A Personal Injury

While there is no direct answer to dealing with injuries and the stresses that come with them, it's imperative to have support.Brad Pistotnik not only serves as a legal representative for you, but counsels his clients through the process. He treats you like a person and not a case number. Keeping a daily journal can help you and your case. Head injuries can be common in certain cases, but difficult to notice right away. For your health and the rightful compensation you deserve, it's important to keep track of how you are feeling weeks after the incident.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI is a dysfunction within the brain caused by a violent blow to the head. Immediate symptoms can be apparent but as the weeks progress, it may become more of an issue for the victim. Symptoms can occur and affect the whole body. Some signs of the injury are...

1. Mood changes

It's imperative to get a professional opinion if you are emotionally unstable. Anger, loneliness, and anxiety are some symptoms to look out for.

2. Body Dysfunction

Don't hide anything from your medical physician. Any dizziness and fatigue should be reported. Blackouts and balance disorder are also symptoms of TBI.

3. Disorientation Regarding Speech

Slurred speech is another symptom to watch out for. If you or a loved one is going through this difficulty, report it Immediately.

4. Sensitivity

Sensitivity to light or sound can also be a symptom of TBI and should be monitored by the accurate professional.

5. Eyes

The eyes can also help to explain what's going on inside of a person's brain. Unequal pupils are a symptom of TBI, as well as dilated pupils.

Getting Help

Getting a good personal injury lawyer can help with many issues that occur after an accident. Brad Pistotnik takes his line of work seriously. He knows that the more he understands, the more he can help you. With his experience and dedication, he has won millions for his clients. When you hire Brad Pistotnik Law, you hire a law firm which has won a substantial amount of lawsuits. The insurance companies know them and are willing to come to a resolution without going to court. An experienced personal injury lawyer should know that insurance companies in most cases don't want to go to trial because they want to avoid defense costs.

-Decades of experience.

-His full attention. Brad gives his personal cell phone to every client. So, if you need someone to talk to, he's only a phone call away.

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