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Why Hire a Lawyer for an Ordinary Car Accident?

Why do I need a lawyer or attorney for my car, truck or motorcycle accident? Typically, a small “fender bender” on the side of the road should only take a half hour or less to resolve. That is, if both parties have the legal right to drive, are properly insured, and not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In this situation, investigating police officers will often let the two parties involved handle the whole claims and insurance process by themselves, as soon as they determine that no crime has been committed.

Sometimes, complications arise with the process after the fact. Someone's memory of the event changes or they have a change of heart about their responsibility in the matter. In this case, it pays to hire a lawyer to represent you in what would otherwise be just an ordinary car accident. Here are a few of the reasons why:

An attorney will help safeguard your assets – Let us just be honest and quite clear about the motivations that drives people to obfuscate and downright lie about their involvement in an ordinary car accident – money! For all their protestations to the contrary, some folks would rather not pay for their own mistakes if they can help it and their insurance company will side with them in this situation if they are liable. However, someone must pay the price. It is up to you and your attorney to protect your assets against this eventuality if you are not at fault.

He will protect your reputation – The blame placed in most ordinary traffic accidents hinges on some minor and some major issues – both of which can cast doubt on your capacity to make rational and responsible decisions. In a worst case scenario, you will justifiably be held accountable if you were inebriated for any reason. However, your reputation can also be sullied if the other side can prove that you were negligent while doing any task from texting to simply talking on the phone while driving. In many municipalities, these are now punishable offenses and you will need an attorney to help mitigate the repercussions.

Finally, a lawyer really provides a cost-effective option – Most folks involved in an ordinary car accident, do not realize what they are liable for. They simply trust their insurance company to do the best job possible. Unfortunately, the goals of the insurer and the insured are not always aligned. For this reason, it may be more affordable in the long run for the insured to hire a lawyer to get the best deal possible.

The 1994 Insurance Research Council study found that most people get 4.3 times more with a lawyer than without a lawyer.

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