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Why Hire a Kansas Personal Injury Lawyer?

Thousands of serious accidental injuries and hundreds of accidental deaths occur in the state of Kansas every single year. In many cases, these tragic events take place due to the negligent misconduct of an at-fault party. Most of these negligent drivers are now driving distracted from texting and phone apps or actually looking down at GPS. This is the worst epidemic of injuries in 100 years. Drunk drivers are only a minimal part of the negligent drivers. Texting drivers are equally as bad or worse. Truck, cycle, car, auto, bicycle accidents all arise from reckless people texting or worse. Some may use Snap chat while driving.

The most common classes of personal injuries in Kansas are auto accident injuries. The results of these kinds of accidents are often life-altering. These include such conditions as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, back and neck injuries, and internal organ damage.

By hiring a Kansas personal injury lawyer, you stand the best chance of collecting full and fair compensation for all of your reimbursable losses. Here are some specific reasons to avail yourself of a skilled personal injury lawyer:

Filing a Lawsuit Can Be Complex and Difficult

To successfully file a lawsuit in Kansas, you need to navigate the court system and understand Kansas law. Cases that are under $25,000 can be filed in a Chapter 61 case and cases above that amount go into Chapter 60.

Also, there is a long, step-by-step filing and "discovery" (disclosure) process that can take months, during which a number of legal deadlines have to be met. Note that you must file within two years of the injury or of the day you could reasonably be expected to be aware of the injury or forever lose your right to file.

Avoiding a Trial Through Skilled Negotiation

A good injury lawyer will have the skills to win in the courtroom if necessary. It is far better to win without ever going to trial. In fact, this is how most lawsuits are actually resolved. Arbitration, mediation, neutral assessment are used to valuate the claim, and having an experienced Kansas personal injury lawyer negotiating in your behalf will almost always increase the settlement amount.

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