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Why is Driving so Dangerous for Teens?

Why is driving a leading cause of injury and death for teenage drivers? What can parents do to keep their teenage driver safe on the road and avoid personal injury cases? Six teens per day die in auto accidents, and parents can take an active role in keeping their child from becoming the next statistic.

Distracted driving is a leading cause of injuries and fatalities. It is a factor in nearly 25% of automobile accidents. In 2015, distracted driving caused 391,000 injuries and 3,477 fatalities. Of those who died in motor vehicle accidents in 2015, 2,333 were teenagers. It is always important to tell your teenager they cannot use the phone in the car while driving. Always tell them to wear a seatbelt or you will take away their driving privileges.

On average, distracted driving claims 9 lives per day, a significant percentage of which are teenagers. The risk of distraction increases with additional passengers in the car. As of 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 11 teenagers die each day as the result of texting and driving.

Driving during rush hour and late at night is another significant risk factor. 48% of teenage driving fatalities in 2015 occurred between 3pm and midnight. In all, 52% of fatal accidents involving teens occurred on the weekend.

Speed and alcohol consumption are also common risk factors. Of male drivers 15-20 who died in 2015, 32% were speeding at the time of the accident. Furthermore, 20% of teenagers acknowledged riding with someone who had been drinking; roughly 25% of fatal teenage car accidents involve drinking while driving.

The most significant factor between life and death was seat belt usage. In 2015, 60% of those 15-20 who died were not wearing seat belts at the time of the accident. This is among the most common factors in personal injury cases.

Parents can help keep their kids safe by driving with them, instructing them on how to operate their motor vehicle, and restricting the times they can drive. It is also crucial to teach them about the law, and to monitor who they get rides from and who they allow to get into the car with them.

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