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Why a Back Injury Shouldn't Be Ignored

The human back is a super highway and core infrastructure for a person's health. If the back goes out, it doesn't heal the same way a scraped knee or a broken finger does. Many times, back injuries can linger on for years unless physical therapy or even surgery takes place. This is why it is so critical not to ignore a back injury after an accident or dismiss the idea of talking to a back injury attorney. Many whiplashes are not whiplashes or muscle strains and actually have damage to the facet joints, disc injuries, nerve injuries, cause stenosis of the spine and require back surgeries, radio frequency ablation treatment, epidurals and medial branch blocks.

Sensitive Nerves

The spinal column serves as more than just a support system for the body. It's also a protective tunnel for the nervous system. However, while the spine can take a tremendous amount of strain and pressure, just the slightest pinch of a nerve can cause excruciating pain. One of the most common examples people are familiar with is a pinched sciatic nerve. As painful as that is, it can be mild compared to the chronic pain someone can experience after sustaining a serious bank injury.

Incredible Strength

A spine's curvature provides key shock absorption while the spine carries the weight of the body through its daily motions. The loss of this curvature and flexibility becomes especially evident after a serious injury. After an injury, the load becomes extremely hard to carry and is felt in the form of pain in the discs or bone rubbing together. Some times the only correction possible is surgery.

Neglected Care

Spine and back injuries also take time to fully manifest after an injury. It may not be evident how serious a back injury is right after an injury occurs. Sometimes the injury can be the catalyst that sets in motion a debilitating loss of strength and function years later. If not taken care of in a timely manner, it can result in the loss of needed care and the condition getting worse over time.

Know Your Rights

You don't have to settle for neglect. A back injury attorney is more than just a representative. He or she can be a critical advocate in securing the medical and rehabilitative care a person needs beyond just an immediate emergency. Many people don't know their rights unless they take the time to talk with a back injury attorney in the first place.

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