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Why are There So Many School Bus Crashes Throughout Kansas?

Why are there so many school bus crashes in Wichita and across different cities in the State of Kansas? If you have been paying attention recently you will note that there have been multiple school Bus crashes in Wichita. Many of the school bus crashes were from drivers at First Student. Several young children were hurt when two school buses crashed together. In many of the cases that we handle at Brad Pistotnik Law we get to see the driver’s background checks and capabilities in a written form. What strikes me as I write this is that a lot of the school bus companies fail to do appropriate background checks on their drivers. Many school bus companies fail to have a cut off age for drivers. A recent driver for First Student was in his 80s and caused a crash. Pilots have certain age restrictions so that they don’t kill people. School bus companies and educational school districts likewise, should impose certain age restrictions on the drivers of the buses with these young children to help prevent injury and death.

Brad Pistotnik Law concentrates our practice in having high levels of knowledgeable attorneys who understand how the Smith system and the JJ Keller and Associates systems work to teach drivers in fleets of vehicles about driver safety, defensive driving, hazard perception awareness, the rules of the road, accident avoidance techniques and other safety systems that can be taught and learned. Unfortunately, many of the businesses that run school buses for school districts like First Student tend to maximize profit and minimize safety. They do this by not hiring sufficiently educated people to train their drivers and by failing to audit drivers, failing to comprehensively test the drivers and failing to retrain the drivers after an accident. School Districts may have a different explanation for why they don’t teach their drivers about defensive driving techniques. I would guess that this is based upon their claim that they don’t have enough funding. I don’t believe that claim and this type of defense means we are in a sad state of affairs where they put teacher’s salaries and educational costs above safety where our children can become injured and killed from these negligent bus drivers.

If you hire lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law you can see our large library of fleet vehicle and commercial motor vehicle driving textbooks, training manuals and safety manuals which allow us to understand how fleet vehicles, school bus systems, school bus companies and fleet vehicle systems should be taught.

Remember that in Kansas if the school bus is owned by the actual school system then the government has some claim of governmental immunity under the Kansas Tort Claims Act. You have to then make a 120 day notice claiming all of your damages. If you forget to set forth any claims of negligence or any amounts of damages, then you cannot bring forth that claim in court. (See statute K.S.A. 12 0-105b)

Some lawyers may claim to understand that they know how the Smith systems and the JJ Keller systems and other safety systems function, but if they don’t have a textbook to show you in their office and they can’t show you a videotape from a training module, it’s likely they have never actually seen one. When you come to you can always find our voluminous library that shows safety manuals that we use for actual cases. We have safety experts who are the best at what they do. We don’t skimp on what we spend on your case. We spend as much as it takes out of our own pocket to build your case. We only get reimbursed if you recover money for your injuries and damages.

If your student has been injured and hurt due to a negligent school bus driver then you need to have an experienced, resourceful, educated and highly trained trial lawyer who actually understands how you can prove that a school system or a school bus company is negligent or reckless or wanton. The lawyers at Brad Pistotnik Law know how to do this. Don’t trust your child’s future to just anyone. You can trust the bull. You can trust Brad Pistotnik Law. You can trust Brad Pistotnik, and you can trust Tony Atterbury, Bill Barr and Jay Sizemore. Our lawyers actually care and we do give a damn. The next time you have a child who is injured in any manner whether it is from a bus accident, motorcycle accident, a motor scooter accident, if they were backed over in the driveway or other tragic accident, we can help you get really fair compensation for your child and excellent medical care to rehabilitate your child so they can go on with their life.

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