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Who is Liable for OSHA Violations on the Loading Dock?

OSHA violations

Who is liable for OSHA violations that occur on loading docks? What types of injuries can occur when rules designed to protect workers are bent or broken? Loading docks are among the most dangerous places to work. Discarding safety standards puts warehouse employees and truck drivers at significant risk of injury. Liability for loading dock accidents isn't always clear-cut. As with all accidents, it requires examining the facts to determine which factors and actions contributed to the accident, and whether the injured party is entitled to worker's compensation.

Common Types of Loading Dock Accidents

So far in 2018, 8 serious loading dock injuries and fatalities were reported to OSHA. By comparison, 31 were reported in 2017, 10 in 2016, and 8 in 2015. However, these low numbers are likely misleading. That's because the actual number of people injured in loading dock OSHA violations has not been fully studied.

What is known is that slip and fall accidents and crushing accidents are common in the workplace. Moreover, inadequate fall protection remains at the top of the list of OSHA violations for the 4th straight year.

Slips and fall injuries are common on loading docks. These can occur when debris, ice, or water is not removed from the surface of the dock. They can also occur when a dock is not sufficiently illuminated, when guardrails are not properly secured, or the edges of the dock are not clearly marked.

Early Departure is another common cause of loading dock accidents. This involves an improperly secured truck leaving the dock prematurely. This creates a gap that workers or forklift operators can fall between.

Trailer creep can occur when a dock leveler is not properly positioned. This creates a raised gap between the dock and trailer. Forklifts transiting this gap can topple, and workers can easily suffer trip and fall injuries as they manually load a truck.

When the landing gear beneath a trailer fails, this can cause the trailer to topple over. This can cause crushing injuries, concussions, and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) for workers caught within or beneath the trailer when it falls.

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