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Where Were the Most Kansas Auto Accidents in 2017?

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Where were the most common places in Kansas for auto accidents in 2017? What factors make different cities and roads more hazardous than others? In all, the Kansas Department of Transportation recorded 461 motor vehicle fatalities and 17,116 personal injuries in 2017. The most dangerous areas on the road were intersections and the side of the road, and the most dangerous cities were Wichita, Topeka, Overland Park, Lawrence, and Olathe. Johnson, Sedgwick, Shawnee, Douglas, Butler, and Leavenworth were the most dangerous counties in 2017.

The Most Hazardous Locations on the Road

In 2017, there were 58,829 motor vehicle accidents recorded in Kansas. Of these, there were 28,133 motor vehicle accidents that occurred at non-intersections. 185 of these accidents resulted in fatalities.

11,439 accidents occurred at intersections and a further 7,019 occurred at intersection related areas. Of these, 96 were fatality-causing accidents. This makes intersections the most common locations for automobile accidents in Kansas.

3,325 accidents occurred on the roadside. Of these, 71 were fatality-causing motor vehicle crashes. Similarly, 607 accidents occurred on the shoulder of the road. Of these, 21 were fatality-causing collisions.

The Most Dangerous Cities

There were 9,184 accidents in Wichita in 2017. 37 of these resulted in fatalities, and 2,591 resulted in personal injuries. Wichita was followed by Topeka which recorded 4,039 accidents; 13 of which were fatality accidents and 793 caused personal injuries.

A similar number of accidents were recorded in Overland Park which had 4,035 motor vehicle collisions. 8 of these resulted in fatalities and 938 were injury-causing crashes.

KDOT recorded 2,212 accidents in Olathe. Of these, 4 were fatality wrecks and 436 caused personal injuries. Similarly, 2,189 accidents were reported in Lawrence. Of these, 3 were fatality crashes and 360 caused personal injuries.

Accidents in these five cities accounted for 34% of all motor vehicle accidents in Kansas in 2017. These accidents caused 65 fatalities and 7007 personal injuries which equates to 14% of all accident fatalities and 41% of injuries recorded. Examining the data shows that proximity to emergency services is a significant factor in determining accident survivability and outcomes in Kansas.

The Most Dangerous Counties

Johnson County recorded 11,421 accidents that caused 33 fatalities and 3,446 personal injuries. Sedgwick County was the second most dangerous county and recorded 11,216 accidents that caused 57 fatalities and 4,413 personal injuries.

Shawnee County recorded 4,486 accidents that caused 15 fatalities and 118 personal injuries. Douglas County recorded 2,942 accidents that caused 10 fatalities and 638 personal injuries. Butler County recorded 1,428 accidents in 2017 that resulted in 12 fatalities and 381 personal injuries. Leavenworth County recorded 1,400 accidents that caused 13 fatalities and 424 personal injuries.

Out of 105 counties in Kansas, accidents in these six counties alone accounted for 32,893 accidents which equates to 56% of all accidents for the year.

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