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When and Where do Semi-Truck Accidents Happen?

When and where do semi-truck accidents happen? What claims can a Wichita semi truck accident lawyer pursue following an accident? In 2015, 27% of all fatal semi-truck accidents happened on interstate roads. That same year, 63% of all semi-truck accidents took place within rural areas. This shows that drivers are at greater risk of experiencing a semi-truck accident in a rural area and that motorists are at greater risk of suffering a fatality while traveling down streets within town or city limits. However, semi and tractor-trailer accidents happen in the cities and are usually due to driver error. These 80,000 plus monsters are hazardous. Many of the accidents happen from wide turns where they run over motorists. Many other of them happen from backing into vehicles or crossing the center line.

When an accident involving a large truck happens, the plaintiff's Wichita semi truck accident lawyer can pursue compensation to cover medical treatment for personal injuries, economic damages --including property damage--and lost wages, as well as non-economic damages, including pain and suffering. Brad Pistotnik wrote Truck Accidents Kill and has given seminars and speeches to the attorneys with the Kansas Bar Association on large truck accidents and the cases related to them. Brad frequently writes about trucking regulations and fatigued drivers.

Nationwide, a total of 78% of fatal accidents involving semi-trucks in 2015 occurred during the weekday. Of these, 73% took place between the hours of 6am and 6pm. In total, 65% of fatal accidents during weekdays took place during the day, and 35% at night. However, during the weekends these numbers reversed and 62% of fatal accidents took place during the night with only 32% of fatal weekend accidents happening in daylight hours. In 2015, a total of 467 vehicles were involved in fatal accidents in Kansas, 64, or 13.7%, of which were large trucks. Truck accidents occur at night because truck drivers are fatigued. Truck accidents happen during the day because truck drivers are tired and fatigued. Indeed, many truck accidents happen because of fatigued drivers.

Throughout Kansas in 2016, 19,458 of the 61,844 accidents in the state occurred on rural roads outside of the city. Of these accidents, 238 were fatal and 3,810 caused personal injuries. A further 15,408 caused only property damage. Wichita was the most dangerous city in Kansas to drive in throughout 2016. In total, there were 9,557 accidents. 30 of these accidents caused fatalities, and 2,796 caused personal injuries. The remaining 6,731 caused property damage only. In all, 31 people died and 3,803 were injured in Wichita alone. For the rural accidents it is almost always out on a bad highway where the truck driver is avoiding the police, weigh stations and toll roads in order to avoid fatigued driving charges.

That same year, there were 429 fatalities and 18,406 people injured in accidents across the state. In 2016, the leading causes of accidents in Wichita were speed which was the leading factor in 537 accidents, alcohol was a factor in 316 accidents, and deer strikes which were responsible for 76 accidents. Many deer accidents can be avoided by driving slower and at night, by driving within the range of your headlights. Overland Park was the second most dangerous city in Kansas in 2016. That year, there were 4,385 accidents in the city that caused 7 fatalities and 1,352 injuries. Speed was a factor in 405 of these accidents, alcohol was a factor in 161, and deer caused 59. Combined, the accidents in Wichita and Overland Park accounted for 22.5% of all the motor vehicle accidents within Kansas in 2016. Sedgwick County and Johnson County are very conservative jury pools where winning a case is more difficult. Thus, you always need personal injury lawyers who actually file suit, take depositions and build the case like the lawyers, attorneys and abogados of Brad Pistotnik Law.

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