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What's the Frequency of Fleet Vehicle Accidents in the United States?

What types of fleet vehicles are the most hazardous to other motorists and pedestrians in the United States? Is it possible to prevent fleet vehicle injuries caused by accidents? On average, fleet vehicles in 2015 had an accident frequency rate of .19 in rural areas, .25 in cities, and .41 in large cities with high levels of traffic congestion. For vehicles involved in long-haul operations, the average accident frequency rate is .35. Fleet vehicle drivers drive between 20,000 and 25,000 miles per year. Statistically speaking, drivers have a 1 in 15 chance of becoming involved in an accident over the course of each year.

Garbage trucks have the highest frequency rates of fleet vehicle accidents in the country. In 2015, garbage trucks had an accident frequency rate of .53 in rural areas and .70 in cities. This rose to 1.2 in cities with considerable populations, as well as above-average levels of congestion and automobile accident rates.

Garbage collection vehicles were followed by chain operated fruit/vegetable haulers, which had an accident frequency rate of .46 in rural areas and .61 in cities. This rose to 1.04 when the vehicles traveled into high-exposure cities.

Live animal haulers had an accident frequency rate of .44 in rural areas and .58 in cities. This rose to .99 in high-exposure cities. The size of these vehicles, combined with the unpredictable motion of livestock, can cause these vehicles to veer off course or rollover causing fleet vehicle injuries in the process.

Taxi cabs are among the most common fleet vehicles in the United States. These vehicles have an accident frequency rate of .37 in rural areas and .49 in cities, which nearly doubles to .85 in high exposure cities.

Many fleet vehicle injuries are preventable. For instance, driver error is a common cause of fleet vehicle accidents. Proper training and enhanced supervision can significantly reduce the risk of these accidents. Another common cause of accidents resulting in fleet vehicle injuries is improper maintenance of the vehicle, which can negatively impact the vehicle's handling characteristics. In both of these cases, fleet operators can be held liable for failing to maintain their fleet and provide appropriate training and supervision of their employees or contractors.

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