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What Road Conditions Increase Winter Driving Risks?

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What road conditions increase winter driving risks? How can drivers protect themselves from Kansas car accidents as we move into the winter months? In Kansas, dry roads are the most dangerous to drive on. Ice, snow, rain, and debris can contribute to increased accident risk in the winter. However, the data collected by the Kansas Department of Transportation shows that these factors do not significantly increase risk for motorists. Moreover, drivers who slow down, prepare their vehicles for winter weather conditions, and limit their driving during severe weather conditions can cut their risk of an automobile accident in Kansas this winter season even further.

Road Conditions & Crash Risk

In 2016, there were 53,016 accidents in Kansas on dry roads. These caused 338 fatalities. By comparison, there were 5,868 accidents on wet roads that caused 29 fatalities. This means that wet roads were a potential contributing factor in less than one in every ten Kansas car accidents and fatalities.

A total of 1,463 accidents occurred on icy/snowpacked roads. These caused 6 fatalities. A further 820 accidents causing 4 fatalities occurred on snowy/slushy roads.

The presence of mud, sand, or dirt can also contribute to causing an accident. In 2016, 206 accidents causing 1 fatality occurred on road surfaces coated with these substances.

In all, 88.2% of all accidents in Kansas occurred when no adverse weather conditions were present. 8.2% occurred when rain, freezing rain, or mist was in the area, and 1.4% occurred when snow was present. One potential reason for this is that more drivers are on the roads when it's sunny and clear than when it's snowy, icy, and rainy outside.

Snow and Accidents in Kansas

Since 2014, the number of accidents involving snow and ice dropped considerably from 5,818 to 2,506. The number of accidents peaked in 2007 at 10,351. Data collected by the national weather service shows that over the past decade there was sometimes, but not always, a correlation between snowfall totals and the number of accidents recorded in Kansas.

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