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What New Technologies Can Reduce Auto Accident Injuries?

Are there new technologies that can reduce the risk of an auto accident injury? What technologies does the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommend as having the greatest potential impact towards reducing accident injury and fatality rates? The number of automobile accidents in 2016 rose 5.6% over the number of fatality accidents in 2015. These accidents claimed 37,461 lives and the NHTSA believes that technology may be the key that could turn the tide towards safer driving. As these technologies develop and become more viable, it is likely that the NHTSA will require their installation on all new vehicles should be similar to the way they now recommend every vehicle be equipped with seat belts and airbags.

Data collected by NHTSA safety testing has led the agency to identify four new accident prevention technologies that may significantly reduce the risk of an automobile accident injury.

Forward Collision Warning (FCW) systems monitor the speed of the vehicle as well as the vehicle directly in front. If the two vehicles come closer than the safe prescribed distance for the vehicle speed, an alarm will sound warning the driver of an impending collision. Such technology would be highly beneficial on city streets and congested highways where even low-speed accidents can cause musculoskeletal injuries, neurological injuries, broken bones, and lacerations.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW) systems are already common features on many commercial vehicles. These systems notify a driver when they begin to leave their lane of travel. The systems depend upon cameras that monitor lane markings and issue an alert to the driver if they fail to signal a turn while leaving the lane of travel.

Rearview cameras are a new technology that has become relatively common on new vehicles. These cameras give drivers a better view of objects and people directly behind the vehicle. As of 2018, the NHTSA will require this technology to be installed on all new vehicles.

Automatic Emergency Braking systems are an exciting technology that is also one of the most controversial. These systems work in conjunction with FCW's and LDW's to determine when a crash is imminent. If a driver fails to respond to alerts sent by the system, the AEB will initiate a braking sequence automatically. Unlike other technologies, AEB takes active control over the vehicle's operation in an attempt to reduce the speed and potential severity of an accident. However, this technology may actually cause an accident if the sensors and systems misinterpret road conditions, traffic patterns, brake pressure, etc.

While promising, these technologies are not flawless. Cameras can become covered in mud, markings on roadways can become obscured, and atmospheric conditions may interfere with signals received by sensors. Sensors can malfunction and send the wrong signals, and faulty computer logic could put motorists in harm's way instead of spiriting them away to safety. Moreover, these technologies are expensive and will raise the cost of purchasing new vehicles.

Dashboard accident camera systems can be purchased to prove when you are not at fault. The problem with them is that it may prove you are at fault. Use your judgment when thinking about installing a dashboard camera.

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