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What Happens When No Traffic Ticket is Issued?

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What happens when law enforcement does not issue the at-fault driver a traffic ticket? Does the absence of a ticket mean the other driver is not at-fault for causing the accident? Law enforcement officers do not always issue a traffic ticket to motorists involved in a motor vehicle accident. This can occur when no law was violated, or when it is unclear who, what, and why the accident occurred.

Tickets and Traffic Infractions Go Hand-in-Hand

In Kansas, it is rare for law enforcement to not issue a traffic citation when the law is violated. From 2007 through 2017, the Kansas Highway Patrol issued roughly 65,000 violations for speeding and just under 17,000 citations for moving violations. They also conducted more than 1,400 breathalyzers.

Troopers in Kansas "pulled over" more than 109,000 motorists and issued approximately 130,000 traffic tickets and warnings to motorists. During the ten year period, the Kansas Highway Patrol discovered just under 2,500 commercial motor vehicles operating in violation of the law and just over 400 violations stemming from the transport of hazardous cargo. In Kansas, the most common citations for non-commercial drivers in 2017 were for speeding (1,512), followed by misdemeanor traffic infractions (635), and seat belt violations (581). For commercial drivers, the most common violations were Lidar/Speeding (55), seat belts (49), and misdemeanor infractions (21).

Reasons a Traffic Ticket Wasn't Issued

Common reasons traffic citations are not issued by law enforcement officers include a lack of evidence of the involved driver's speed, no evidence that either driver was following too closely, and no evidence or signs of driver impairment. However, the lack of a traffic ticket does not mean that a driver isn't at fault for causing a motor vehicle accident.

When no ticket is issued, it often falls to the insurance companies to determine fault for the motor vehicle accident. Establishing fault can involve a detailed analysis of the damage each vehicle sustained, the personal injuries sustained by driver's and vehicle occupants, and statements from eyewitnesses.

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