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What Happens When Insurance Won't Cooperate?

What happens when an auto insurance company won't pay a claim? What actions can a consumer take to repair a vehicle following an automobile accident? Most motorists have one car and if that vehicle is damaged in an accident, they become dependent on an automobile insurance provider to promptly cover the claim so they can get back on the road. That doesn't always happen and there are times when insurance providers refuse to pay a claim. When that happens, there are several avenues of recourse consumers can pursue to get things rolling.

Insurance companies will deny a claim for coverage if the policy was not in force when the accident occurred or if the claimant omits information from the claim that affected the validity of the claim. An insurer can deny a claim if the event or type of damage isn't covered or if there was an exclusionary clause that specifically prohibited claims for a specific type of damage. Insurance providers are also known to deny claims if the individual has missed premium payments or has violated terms of the insurance policy such as taking a vehicle off-road, using it for an unapproved purpose, etc. Kansas has adopted the Kansas Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act which requires payment on a timely basis and many insurance carriers fail to follow this Act.

If the vehicle is a primary vehicle, consumers should take steps to get it immediately repaired. The auto repair shop should be one that is on the "approved" list for the insurance provider and the vehicle should be restored to its pre-accident condition. This route ensures the damage to the vehicle is promptly repaired and the accident will cause minimal disruption to daily routines including work, family obligations, etc.

When the vehicle is repaired, the repair shop should provide detailed records of the type of repairs that were performed and the reasons they were necessary. This helps support the validity of the claim. An automobile accident attorney should also be contacted to ensure that the necessary information is collected and saved for when its time to contest the claim denial.

Contesting a claims denial requires a strong trial attorney and law firm like Brad Pistotnik Law that has filed suit over very minor arguments where the insurance company is unfair. This is why you need to study whether your lawyer, attorney or abogado actually files suits, takes depositions and has trial lawyers. You need to find out if your lawyer has enough money to pay for the cost of litigation expense out of their own pocket and wait for a recovery to be paid back.

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