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What Happens When Drivers Don't Turn Properly

illegal u-turns

What happens when drivers don't look before they make a turn or change lanes? What are the most dangerous driving maneuvers in Kansas that motorists should be aware of? With an increasing number of cars sharing an increasingly limited road space, illegal u-turns and other dangerous maneuvers are causing a considerable number of accidents. Not looking before turning, improper lane changes, disregarding posted road signs, and engaging in other illegal maneuvers are actions that can have deadly consequences.

In 2016, right of way violations caused 7,710 accidents, or 13.4% of driver contributing causes in Kansas making it the second leading cause of accidents caused by a driver's choices. The sixth leading cause of driver contributing actions was improper lane changes which caused 2,139 accidents. This was followed by disregarding posted signs which caused 1,960 accidents making it the eighth most common dangerous choice. Thirteenth on the list of accidents caused by driver contributing choices were improper turns, including illegal u-turns, which caused 1,390 accidents.

The numbers of accidents caused by these actions are rising. In 2015, There were 7,358 accidents caused by right of way violations which rose from 7,254 in 2014, and 2,003 which were caused by improper lane changes which rose from 1,905 in 2014. In 2015, 1,919 accidents were caused by disregarding posted signs as compared to 1,748 in 2014, and 1,344 accidents were caused by improper turns which dropped slightly from 1,351 in 2014. In all cases, these driver contributing causes remained relatively unchanged in their ranking for leading causes of accidents in the state. These rising rates are strong indications that driver behaviors can have a significant impact on the rate of motor vehicle accidents in Kansas.

The data shows that illegal u-turns and other dangerous driver decisions are common causes of automobile accidents in Kansas. In many cases, it isn't just one bad decision that causes an accident; it is a series of decisions and a combination of actions that come together to create a potentially deadly situation. Under state law, drivers are not allowed to make a u-turn on a curve, near the top of a hill, or on any roadway where there is less than 500 feet of visibility. As with many driving decisions, drivers who ignore traffic laws place themselves, other motorists, and pedestrians at risk of serious personal injuries or death.

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