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What Factors Make Bike Accidents Deadly?

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What contributing factors make bike accidents dangerous? What can cyclists do to protect themselves from the potential of an accident when they ride down the road? The numbers of cyclists injured or killed is declining in Kansas, however, that doesn't mean the roads are 100% safe. The good news is that cyclists can take active steps to protect themselves when they go for their next ride.

How Often Do Deadly Bike Accidents Occur?

333 cyclists were involved in motor vehicle accidents in 2017. Of these, 5 died and 298 were injured. those at greatest risk of injuries were young children and teens between the ages of 10 and 14. in 2017, 48 were injured. they were followed by 40 teens between the ages of 15 and 19, and 29 young adults between the ages of 20-24. Of those who died, 2 were between the ages of 25-39, and 3 were between the ages of 60-79.

Over the past decade, a total of 3,635 cyclists were involved in car crashes. Of these, 49 died and 3,358 were injured in Kansas bike crashes. Nationwide, cyclists die at an average rate of 2 per day. Since 2006, the annual number of fatalities has risen by more than 12% and the number of injuries has risen by more than 2%.

Increasing Safety for Cyclists

Cyclists can reduce their risk of injury or death by adjusting their riding behaviors. Safer riding behaviors include using roads with marked lanes and avoiding high-traffic areas. Cyclists can also choose to wear helmets and reflective gear that increases their visibility to motorists during low-light conditions when many fatality and injury causing accidents occur. It is also strongly advisable to avoid alcohol and the use of prescription medications that can hinder and impair judgement and spatial awareness. Combined, these steps and others have proven to be effective at keeping riders safe on the road and out of hospital emergency rooms.

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