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What Factors Increase the Risk of a Large Truck Accident?

What factors increase the risk of having an accident with a large truck? Are there things motorists can do to reduce their risk while driving down the road? There are many factors that increase the risk of an accident and the need for a truck accident lawyer, including weather, time of day, speed, and vehicle condition. Motorists who take these factors and others into account when they get behind the wheel can significantly reduce their risk. In Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Texas we get huge windstorms that cause dust and dirt devils to create vision obstructions where it is not safe to drive. We also get huge rainstorms that are not safe to drive in and truck drivers are required to pull over in hazardous conditions. I see many accidents where the truck driver cannot see and continues to drive through blinding snow, smoke, dirt, rain and ice. These are bad truck drivers.

In 2016, 1,830 semi-trucks were involved in accidents in Kansas. These represented 1.83% of all accidents in the state. Additionally, 201 school buses and 101 transit, cross country, and "other" buses were involved in accidents. In total, buses were involved in .3% of all crashes.

In total, the state recorded 100,158 vehicles that were involved in collisions in Kansas throughout 2016. Of these, 561 were in fatality causing accidents. Large trucks accounted for 53 fatality accidents, while no one died in accidents involving buses.

Most accidents in Kansas occur during the day and in 2016, 39,086 accidents occurred during daylight hours. There were 10,142 accidents that occurred after dark and in areas without streetlights, and 8,353 accidents after dark and in areas with streetlights. Low light conditions also proved hazardous with 2,097 accidents occurring at dawn and 1,614 occurring at dusk.

Road conditions are also a significant factor in motor vehicle accidents in Kansas, but it doesn't cause as many fatal accidents as people commonly believe. In 2016, there were 5,868 accidents on wet road surfaces that caused 29 fatalities. On ice, the numbers were 1,463 accidents that caused 6 fatalities, and on snow or slush, 820 accidents that caused 4 fatalities. In total, there were 53,016, or 85.7% of all accidents, that occurred on dry surfaces. These accidents caused 338 fatalities. While adverse weather can create poor road conditions, accidents, and the need to call a truck accident lawyer, the data shows that dry roads are far more dangerous. One common reason for this is that drivers tend to slow down and use more caution when adverse weather reduces visibility and creates hazardous road conditions.

Across the state in 2016, 88.2% of all accidents occurred when no adverse weather was present. When weather was a factor, 7.1% of accidents involved rain/mist/drizzle. Snow accounted for 1.2%, and freezing rain accounted for 1.1%. As such, motorists can reduce their risk by taking extra precautions while driving in these conditions.

The number of large truck crashes in the state is falling. In 2006, there were 3,469 accidents that caused 69 fatalities and 1,030 injuries. In 2016, that number was 3,195 crashes, 74 fatalities, and 934 injuries. At the same time the number of accidents and injuries are falling, the number of fatalities is rising. During 2016, large trucks were involved in 5.3% of all crashes, and 18.9% of all fatality causing accidents in Kansas.

Motorists can reduce their risks of becoming involved in a collision with a large truck by slowing down even when the roads are dry, making sure their vehicle's lights are working properly, and by staying out of the "blind spot" that extends approximately 30 feet behind, 20 feet in front, and two lanes to the right of a semi-truck.

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