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What Factors in Car Crashes Influence Survival Odds?

What factors in car crashes influence the odds of survival? What can drivers do to increase the odds in their favor? Many factors, such as wearing seat belts, vehicle design, and point of impact, affect crash survivability. While drivers can't control the actions of other drivers, construction crews, pedestrians, or bicyclists, they can control the things they do to reduce their risk.

Vehicle Size and Style Matters

For cars 1-3 years old in 2018, there were 47 fatalities in "very large cars," which was an overall fatality rate of 26 per million registered vehicles. This was followed by 396 fatalities or 41 per million midsize cars. Overall, cars 1-3 years old had a crash fatality rate of 48 per million.

For pickups, smaller is safer. In 2018, there were 33 fatalities in small pickups, which was a rate of 26 per million registered trucks. This was followed by 54 fatalities in "very large" trucks whose fatality rate was 30 per million. For all pickups, the fatality rate in 2018 was 34 per million trucks.

SUV's between 1-3 years old are the safest vehicles. In 2018, very large SUV's were involved in six deaths, giving this class a fatality rate of just 13 per million vehicles. This was followed by 37 deaths in large SUV's whose fatality rate was 17 per million and 212 deaths in small SUV's whose fatality rate was 27 per million. For the class as a whole, the fatality rate was 23 per million.

Based on this data, driving a very large SUV, a very large car, or small pickup can increase the odds of surviving a motor vehicle accident.

Point of Impact

When a multi-vehicle crash occurs, frontal impacts remain a deadly threat. These caused 15 driver fatalities per million vehicles in 2018. For comparison, side-impact accidents caused five deaths per million, and rear impacts caused just two deaths per million. Deadliest of all are rollover accidents. These caused 29% of all motor vehicle deaths in 2018.

Proactively Reducing the Risk

Drivers can't eliminate the risk of accidents, but they can increase the odds of surviving one. Avoiding speeding and driver distractions, wearing seat belts, not drinking and driving, and not driving while drowsy, go a long way toward ensuring a safe journey. Similarly, maintaining the vehicle's steering and braking systems, repairing broken lights, replacing worn tires, and addressing the needs of other critical components, ensures that the driver can safely operate the vehicle and maneuver away from potential dangers in the road.

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