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What to Expect From a Consultation?

What can you expect during a consultation with a personal injury attorney in Wichita or Kansas? What should you do to prepare for your consultation? It is not every day that you need a personal injury lawyer and many people are unaware of their legal rights and the options they have available following an automobile accident. Scheduling a consultation over the phone or in-person with an automobile accident attorney can help answer your questions and prepare you to move forward with your claim.

A consultation is a brief examination of the facts of your case and the legal options that may be available to you. Preparing for the meeting ahead of time is essential. You will want to gather and organize copies of your documents including photographs, medical records, correspondence with insurance companies, etc., so that the attorney can examine them. You should also outline the legal and medical issues you are experiencing. It is crucial that you present your claim truthfully and provide the attorney with the critical facts of your case.

Most importantly, you should prepare your list of questions in advance so the attorney can address them. If you compile your list several days prior to the consultation, you can send it to the attorney ahead of time. This frees up time during the consultation and creates more time for the attorney to provide information that is relevant to your case. Naturally, you will want to ask questions regarding your legal rights and liability for the claim, the evidence you have, and the evidence you will need to gather to establish your claim. It is also advisable to discuss legal fees, the potential duration of the case, and the steps required to retain the attorney's services. You will also want to discuss whether litigation, mediation, or arbitration are the best strategy to pursue.

Many clients also want to know more about the attorney's education, legal background, and experience with similar cases. Many would like to know your deposition, trial and results history. You will also want to discuss how the case will be managed and whether paralegals or legal assistants will be assigned to assist in the case. These questions give you insight into the experience of the attorney, as well as the resources and strategies that are available to pursue the claim.

It is essential to take detailed notes during the consultation. There will be significant amounts of information to think over and you can reference your notes as you consider your legal options. Many clients choose to consult several attorneys prior to making a decision and your notes will make it possible for you to select the best fit for pursuing your claim.

Finally, take care of the little details. If you're meeting over the phone, be sure your phone is charged, and that you have a glass of water, your notes and a working pen, as well as copies of your documents ready to review. If you are meeting in-person, be sure to confirm the time, know the directions, and have all of your notes and documents with you and organized when you arrive.

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