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What Is Considered an Unsafe Lane Change in Kansas?

What is considered an unsafe lane change in Kansas? What penalties can drivers face for violating Kansas law when they run afoul of the law? Failing to signal, driving in the wrong lane, or turning where prohibited are some of the actions that are considered unsafe lane changes in Kansas. When drivers violate traffic laws in Kansas, they can be issued a citation and potentially lose their license. Since 2009, law enforcement agencies in Kansas are not required to issue a warning for unsafe lane change violations.

Understanding KSA 8-1522

In 2017, 2,125 accidents in Kansas were caused by unsafe lane changes. This equated to 3.2% of all motor vehicle accidents that year. Improper turns accounted for 1,330 accidents, or 2% of all crashes. Improper passing accounted for 343 accidents, or .5% of collisions.

KSA 8-1522 is intended to prevent these accidents. It prohibits drivers from engaging in unsafe behaviors on laned roads. It prohibits motorists from weaving between lanes. It also prohibits drivers from driving in the center lane on a 3 or 4 lane road except while passing another vehicle. However, the law makes an exception at points in the road where the center lane is at a marked point that allows left-hand turns.

The statute also requires drivers to obey traffic signals, including green right and left hand turn directions. Similarly, it prohibits making a left or right hand turn where posted signs prohibit such a maneuver.

Penalties for Unsafe Lane Changes in Kansas

Individuals can face a number of fines for making an unsafe lane change. Disobeying a traffic signal or lane-control signal carries a fine of $75. Similarly, driving on the left side of the road or improper passing carries a fine of $75.

Drivers can also be cited and fined $75 for failing to pass with insufficient clearance, making an improper turn, or driving on the left where the curve or grade of the road obstructs the view ahead. Improper crossing on a divided highway or failing to signal carries a penalty of $45.

More significant fines of $315 are issued for improperly passing a school bus, and improper passing of a church or day-care bus carries a fine of $195. Finally, Kansas doesn't issue points for moving violations. Instead, if a driver receives citations for 3 major moving violations in a year, the driver will have their license suspended.

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