What Causes Arm Amputations?

arm injury

What causes arm amputations in the United States? How common is limb loss in the overall population? There are approximately 2 million Americans who have lost a limb. Each year, a further 185,000 individuals undergo an amputation. Of these, approximately 25,000 occur following an arm injury. Such amputations are frequently the result of either car accidents, workplace accidents, or vascular diseases.

Accidents are a Leading Cause of Upper Extremity Amputations

70% of upper limb amputations in the United States are the result of a traumatic event. It's estimated that this amounts to more than 30,000 amputations each year. These amputations can involve either the amputation of an arm, hand, or finger. Of those who suffer an amputation, nearly 80% are men. The leading cause of the traumatic injury are car accidents, followed by workplace accidents.

Causes of Traumatic Arm Amputations

Traumatic arm injury can be caused in an automobile accident when the driver becomes pinned to the door or slammed into the steering wheel. A serious arm injury can also occur when the driver is struck by cargo in the passenger or rear seat.

In the workplace, traumatic arm injuries are often caused in manufacturing facilities. In 2015, more than 57% of workplace amputations occurred in this sector. This was followed by 19% in construction industries, and 19% in transportation/warehousing. A wide range of factors caused these accidents. Primarily, improper lockout/tagout procedures, improper machine guarding, improper maintenance, etc.

The Impact of Arm Injury and Amputation

Traumatic amputation of an arm can have a devastating effect on the individual. Amputation can cause health complications, reduce quality of life, cause psychological trauma, and diminish the individual's lifetime earning capacity. As such, the true cost of an arm injury is much higher than the dollars and cents within the medical bills.

Prosthetic arms and hands can help mitigate the loss and help individuals recover. However, current technology remains limited. Individuals who suffer an arm loss will require lifetime medical care and frequent fittings/readjustments of their prosthetic limb.

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