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What are the Steps and Stages of a Personal Injury Trial

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What are the steps and stages of a personal injury trial? What can clients expect when they hire an injury trial lawyer and the process moves forward? Brad Pistotnik Law represents clients as they pursue personal injury claims and for many it is their first experience with a civil legal proceeding. While each lawsuit is different, there are some aspects that apply to all trials.

The first step involves case review. During this phase, Brad Pistotnik Law meets with our clients to identify the specifics of the lawsuit. This involves gathering information and evidence related to the accident, including reviewing police reports, compiling the client's medical records, examining insurance records, etc. The attorney reviewing the case will consider all the facts and evidence and determine the relevant case law and what types of damages to pursue.

During the following phase, the injury trial lawyer will make a demand for damages from the responsible parties. Demands can be made against an individual, a business, insurance carrier, etc. This often takes place once the plaintiff has fully recovered from their injuries or has stabilized and reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). Waiting until this happens gives the attorney a clearer picture of how much the injury impacted the individual's life and what the long-term care and recovery prospects are going to be. This creates a more accurate estimate of the expenses and helps ensure that the plaintiff won't be left with out-of-pocket expenses when the process concludes. Once the demand is received, the parties have an opportunity to negotiate an agreement. If this fails, the attorney will file a lawsuit with the court and the steps towards trial will move forward.

Each state's pre-trial procedures vary slightly. Generally speaking, they include pleadings, discovery, and directions hearings. These allow the plaintiff to state their claim, gather evidence, and comply with any demands of the court. It is during this stage that Brad Pistotnik Law will question eyewitnesses and further develop the strategy for pursuing the claim. During this stage, both parties may enter into mediation and mandatory settlement negotiations. If the parties are unable to reach a settlement, a jury will be selected and the case will proceed towards trial. Trials typically last a few days. However, they may go longer depending on the complexity of the case and the factors involved. At the conclusion of the trial, the jury will decide whether the defendant(s) are responsible and the amount they should pay to settle the case.

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