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What are the Most Common Types of Automobile Accidents in Kansas?

What are the most common types of automobile accidents handled by a road accident attorney in Kansas? How many injuries and fatalities do these accidents cause? In 2016, there were 60,473 motor vehicle accidents in Kansas. These include collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians, animals, and fixed objects. Over the course of the year, motor vehicle accidents in Kansas claimed 355 lives and caused 18,131 personal injuries.

Of automobile accidents recorded in Kansas in 2016, 32,480 involved another motor vehicle -- more than half of all accidents recorded. These accidents caused 128 fatalities and 11,909 personal injuries. A road accident attorney can help those impacted by another driver's behavior secure compensation for injuries, damage, or death. Vehicles hitting fixed objects including barriers, walls, and other structures were the second most common types of accident. In 2016, the state recorded 10,237 such accidents that caused 119 fatalities and 3,241 personal injuries. Animal strikes were the third most common type of accident in 2016. From January through December, there were 9,426 animal strikes in Kansas. These caused 5 fatalities and 312 personal injuries. Unsurprisingly, most animal strikes in rural areas involve deer, antelope, and other wildlife, while strikes within town and city limits typically involve dogs, cats, and other house pets. In instances where a pet causes an accident, a road accident attorney may be able to pursue the owner for compensation for the injuries, property damage, and wrongful deaths that occur as a result of the owner's negligence.

There was a significant difference between the number of animal strikes and the fourth leading cause of accidents: impacts with parked motor vehicles. In 2016, there were 4,011 of these accidents, resulting in 4 fatalities and 299 personal injuries. These accidents occur when motorists fail to park their vehicle properly on city streets or fail to leave sufficient space between the vehicle and the lane of travel. However, they most commonly occur in parking lots, where congestion and poor design can contribute to accidents. Vehicle overturns were the fifth most common type of accident. In 2016, 1,889 overturns were recorded. While there were far fewer of these types of accidents than the leading causes in the state, these types of accidents had the highest rates of fatalities and personal injuries. In 2016, vehicle overturns caused 62 fatalities and 1,330 personal injuries.

Across Kansas in 2016, rear-end accidents were the most common type of multi-vehicle accident. The state recorded 13,741 of these accidents. At 12,296 accidents, the second most common type of impact was at an angle. Finally, sideswipes were recorded in 3,428 accidents. There were also 1,098 incidents involving vehicles backing into other vehicles, and 1,012 head on collisions.

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