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What are the Most Common Contributing Factors in Car Crashes in Kansas?

What are the most common contributing factors in car crashes in Kansas? What can motorists learn from the state's car crash statistics? Kansas tracks more than 40 contributing circumstances to car accidents. These include driver behaviors, environmental conditions, and road conditions. The data shows that changes to behavior and the way drivers operate their motor vehicles would have a significant impact on the automobile accident rate in Kansas. At Brad Pistotnik Law, Brad has studied the root causes of motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle-automobile crashes, pedestrian-vehicular crashes and other vehicle related crashes since 1983. Our independent research helps us to evaluate your personal injury case based on years of experience. We have and use accident reconstruction experts, safety experts and other types of human factors experts to determine why the other driver caused your accident.

Kansas car crash statistics showed that general inattention, otherwise known as distracted driving, was responsible for 14,969 accidents, or 20.3%, of all accidents in 2016. Of these, 633 involved cell phone use and 421 involved roadside distractions. Brad believes that an enormous amount of distracted driving crashes are from people using mapping on their cell phone which causes them to look down and take their eyes off the road. Nationwide, distracted driving caused 3,450 fatalities in 2016 and it is estimated that each day more than 481,000 motorists operate their vehicle while talking/texting on a cell phone.

Animal strikes were a contributing factor in 9,826 accidents which represented 13.3% of the total number of accidents. This data includes domestic animals including cats and dogs, as well as wild animals such as deer, antelope, rabbits, etc. Animal strikes in Kansas occur everywhere from rural roads and highways to residential neighborhoods. In many cases, we can assist a passenger who has been injured when a driver they are riding with hits an animal like a deer because Kansas law requires all drivers to drive within the distance of their vision or headlights at a speed that allows them to stop before striking an animal, child, person, or vehicle.

Right of way violations were the third leading contributing factor in Kansas in 2016. In total, there were 7,710 accidents, or 10.4% of the total that involved failure to yield the right of way. Similarly, disregarding posted signs and signals contributed to 1,960 accidents, and running red lights contributed to 1,423 accidents. Many people that drive in Wichita, Kansas City, Garden City and Salina fail to properly stop and yield and so called rolling stops are contributory to many needless accidents. Nationwide from 2011 to 2015, an average of 719 individuals died each year as a result of "red light runners." In 2014 alone, more than 126,000 were injured in red light accidents.

Following too closely, commonly known as "tailgating," was the fourth leading cause of accidents in Kansas in 2016. There were a total of 6,109 accidents, or 8.3% of all accidents, that involved tailgating. According to the Kansas Highway Patrol, 40% of accidents in the state involve rear-end collisions. I routinely drive across the highways in Kansas and especially the routes like the Kansas Turnpike, I-35, I-135, I-235, I-435 and other highways where I see everyone following the next car with two or three feet between. I see multiple car accidents with four, five or six cars in an accident. Many times people fail to keep a sufficient distance between their car and the next vehicle in front of them which should be a safe distance of at least one car length for every ten miles per hour of speed so at 60 mph there should be six car lengths between you and the next car in front of you. Try and think of the last time you saw this really occur. These occur for a variety of reasons, including driving too fast for weather and/or traffic conditions.

In fact, the fifth leading contributing cause of accidents in Kansas in 2016 was driving too fast for conditions. It was a contributing factor in 4,061, or 5.5% of all accidents. While people driving too slow cause accidents, so do people driving too fast. Common examples of this were the 1,123 accidents that occurred on wet roads, the 1,111 accidents that occurred on icy/slushy roads, the 439 accidents that occurred in sleet, hail, or freezing rain, and the 304 that occurred because of snow accumulation on the roadway.

Finally, alcohol use was a factor in 2,136, or 2.9% of accidents in 2016. Similarly, illegal drug use contributed to 281 accidents. Both of these statistics showed decreased frequency from 2015 to 2016. Similarly, Kansas car crash statistics show that accidents involving distracted driving and tailgating declined. However, right of way violations, following too closely, red light running, and disregarding posted signage increased over the numbers recorded in 2015. The statistics may or may not be accurate. At Brad Pistotnik Law, we believe that the majority of accidents are still caused from inattention due to distracted driving looking at cell phones, texting and mapping.

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