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Understanding Statistics Surrounding Fleet Vehicle Wrecks Helps You Safeguard Against Them

Who is most likely to be at fault when it comes to fleet vehicle wrecks? As it turns out, it's not only young people getting into these kinds of accidents. Drivers 18 to 25 years of age are statistically less likely to wreck than those between the ages of 26 and 35, according to A chart on the same site pointed out that in 2010, those who had been with a given fleet for between one and five years, and those who had been working with the fleet more than five years, had about the same instance of wrecks. The variance was only several percentage points different.

Accordingly, the longer someone drives in a fleet, the more likely they are to end up in a wreck.. Play the numbers long enough and they'll turn on you. Newer drivers are more cautious when driving for their new jobs. Older, experienced drivers are still careful, but with each passing hour of employment, the odds increase against them.

Businesses operating fleets have more at-risk drivers with tenure. It's not that they're doing a worse job per se, it's more that they've been playing the driving numbers game longer.


Certainly all drivers must be insured, but you want to pay special attention to tenured ones. Tenured drivers have more skill, but they also have more time on the road. The more time anyone has on the road, the higher their risk of accident. It's likely to happen eventually. Certainly some will drive commercially their entire lives and never have an accident Statistically, increased driving increases dangers drivers face.

With this in mind, you want to statistically plan for fleet vehicle wrecks at predictable intervals. This means allowing for loss of sales, service, or even shipments. Allow for damage of vehicles. Have an attorney on call to help deal with the fallout. What these statistics don't indicate is who is or isn't at fault. As the saying goes, it "takes two to Tango".

With fleet vehicle wrecks, the fault could be that of the older driver, or someone else on the road. Not all insurance companies are trustworthy. Ultimately you need a group like Brad Pistotnik Law, who have a long tenure representing clients that have sustained fleet vehicle wrecks. Brad Pistotnik started his now well-known law firm decades ago, and throughout the firm's tenure, millions have been won in various settlements. From Salina to Hays, Wichita, Kansas City, Liberal, Medicine Lodge, Kingman, Pratt, Wellington, Park City, Valley Center, Emporia, and Dodge City, Brad Pistotnik Law services a great deal of Kansas, and even helps clients in surrounding states. Oklahoma, Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska are just a few; and the firm does Pro Hac Vice work in Texas and others.


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