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Steps To Take In The Event You're Involved In A Fatal Car Crash

How much will a fatal crash in Kansas cost? In a fatal car crash, there are usually more than one involved person. Sometimes both die, sometimes only one does. If you or a loved one were involved in a crash that ended in a fatality, it can be difficult to think clearly. Even if you can, there are legal issues which none but the most experienced attorneys are equipped to handle.

In Kansas alone, there were approximately 322 fatal crashes out of a total of more than 60,000 in 2015. Both of these numbers characterize a low percentage of the population, which is a benefit and a hazard. It's beneficial because it means driving isn't something you have to be terribly frightened of, provided you drive defensively and follow the law. It's a hazard because it means you are statistically you may not know what kind of action will avoid a collision in the event such an accident involves you. It's estimated that crashes involving fatalities in Kansas resulted in some $449,000,000 in losses when medical and work losses were combined. If you divide 322 into 449,000,000, it turns out that the average cost of a fatal car crash per instance is approximately $1,394,409.

Seek Legal Counsel

Some excellent advice when it comes to a fatal crash is to hire an experienced attorney who understands the ins and outs of Kansas law as related to motor vehicles. Sometimes there will be differences in law based on the kind of vehicle involved in the crash and where the crash occurred. Sometimes a crash results from the negligence of another driver and damages must be secured. If you want to have any hope of securing a settlement, it makes sense to find a successful legal firm specializing in injuries or deaths related to vehicular accidents.

Expansive Solutions

Known for their successful handling of fatal crash cases Brad Pistotnik Law, located in Wichita, serves the entire state of Kansas, including Wellington, Arkansas City, Winfield, Kingman, and Pratt. We additionally features licensed attorneys who work with clients in Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Illinois. If Pro Hac Vice work is necessary, this can be found through Brad Pistotnik Law in Texas, Missouri, and other states.

While Brad Pistotnik Law has designed their services to help in cases where a fatal crash has occurred, they've also handle a broad variety of personal injury cases. These include:

There are also many other areas where injuries are sustained from negligence on behalf of individuals, corporations, or legal authorities which Brad Pistotnik Law can assist with. When a fatality is involved, you need this kind of legal protection.

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