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Where can you turn for accurate information when an accident happens? Who has the information you need to get you back on your feet again? It is common to feel lost and alone after an accident. Brad Pistotnik Law knows that you need answers you can trust and depend on to give you the information you need to pursue your accident claim. Each of these resources was created in response to common questions and concerns presented to the legal team in our Wichita law firm.

To help you move forward on the path to recovery, the team at our Wichita law firm has created the following resources you can read and review at your leisure. Each of these resources is filled with the most current information available on each topic. Whether you have been the victim of a drunk driver on your way to the grocery store or was blindsided by an aggressive driver on the highway, these resources can help you understand your rights in the aftermath of an accident.

Brad Pistotnik Law and our team of legal researchers has created these resources so you and other clients of our Wichita law firm has accurate information that can be applied to your individual situation. These resources cover the most common causes and liabilities associated with automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents. We encourage clients to bookmark this page and check it regularly for updates and information that may affect their pending claim.

Naturally, the law and potential dangers drivers face are constantly evolving. As a forward-thinking Wichita law firm, we are also preparing our clients for the future of driving. Our resources include evolving areas of law including driverless cars, the increase in elderly drivers, as well as taxation and compensation. These are just some of the many developing subjects and topics that our firm watches closely as they begin to affect both current and prospective clients of our practice. We don't want our clients to just be prepared for today; we want our clients to be ready for tomorrow and all the days that follow.

As a truck accident lawyer in Kansas, Brad Pistotnik Law and the team within our Wichita law office are well aware of the risks and realities motorists face as they share the road with semi-trucks that are many times larger than even the largest passenger vehicles. In 2015, Brad Pistotnik wrote "Truck Accidents Kill." The book is a highly informative guide that details the rates of truck accidents in the United States, the factors causing these accidents, and the legal liabilities that truck drivers and their employers can be subject to when a motor vehicle accident takes place. We update these regularly as Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSR) rules change and issues emerge that clients should know about.

We encourage you to read through these resources and reference them when you contact Brad Pistotnik and the legal team at our Wichita law office. Brad Pistotnik represents clients who are injured in automobile, motorcycle, and truck accidents in Wichita, Kansas City, Topeka, and cities throughout Kansas, Nebraska, and Illinois. If you have been involved in an accident in these regions, our firm can help you pursue the compensation you need to recover from your injuries.

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