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Recover Compensation for Your Loss with Construction Accident Attorney, Brad Pistotnik

As a well trained and experienced construction worker, you recognize all the safety precautions and potential dangers of a construction site. You wear the appropriate construction safety gear and don’t take risks that go against the laid out safety protocols.

However, with all these, you can still wind up suffering a major accident while on site, though you observed all the safety precautions. At Brad Pistotnik Law, our construction accidents attorney will help you, either by pursuing a legal claim or traversing your state’s worker’s compensation system on your behalf.

Though construction locations are, by their very nature, hazardous places to work in, that doesn’t absolve your supervisors from their responsibility of keeping everyone on the site safe, It definitely doesn’t mean you lose your right to justice in the event you get injured.

A construction site accident can be tremendously severe and may cause loss of a limb, amputation, permanent disability, broken bones, blindness, scarring, fractures, head injury, and, most seriously, wrongful death.

Often, the hospital bills will be large, and there may be an extended period of disability and even lost wages. Though worker’s compensation may cover some of the medical bills and lost wage, it cannot adequately compensate an injured construction worker for permanent disability and losses arising from a construction accident.

Construction accidents attorneys at Brad Pistotnik Law handle multiple cases that involve workplace injuries such as those sustained on construction sites. We are experienced and familiar with Federal and State regulations specific to construction accident claims, and can help you navigate these laws to help you recover from your losses as best as we can.

There are a series of intricate liability issues relating to construction accident lawsuits. It’s, therefore, important that you contact an attorney who is highly qualified in handling third party injury claims. Our lawyers have handled construction accident lawsuits for more than three decades and have the resources required to help you recover compensation for your losses. OSHA regulations will almost always apply to your case and can help you prove that someone was at fault due to violation of OSHA regulations.

When a construction worker is injured on site, he or she cannot, in most situations, sue the supervisor for the sustained injuries. A third party, though, could be liable for negligence when an accident occurs on the construction site. Compensation is available in most states through the workers compensation act, but too often these are simply not enough to cover the suffering and pain associated with the accident.

The medical cover from workers compensation, for example, only covers treatments that are deemed to be necessary and directly related to the construction accident injury.

Certain circumstances can assign the liability to a third party for construction accidents. The owners, supervisors, architects, and even equipment manufacturers can be held liable for injuries arising from insufficient safety measures. All contractors are responsible for providing optimal protection provisions to ensure that a construction site is as safe as can be.

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