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If you have been injured on the job, odds are the insurance company will deny your claim. Insurance companies have many tactics they use to deny the claims of honest, hardworking people. The insurance company represents the rights of the people paying them. The way that these companies make their profits is by not paying up on claims, many of them legitimate claims by sincere people who have been catastrophically injured.Some of the tactics they use to get away with this are by denying your claim if your injury was not witnessed by someone else or if you did not report your injury immediately, they may even claim that your accident report doesn't not match the initial medical records from your doctor. All of these tactics for many people to hire Wichita workers compensation attorneys.

Brad Pistotnik Law has been serving personal injury victims since 1983. Brad has a staff of experienced lawyers and paralegals to you and your family through this trying time. If you or someone you love has been injured or killed through no fault of your own, then you need the help that only Wichita workers compensation attorneys can provide.

When you or someone you love has been injured on the job through no fault of your own, it can be devastating! You or your loved one may never be able to work again, leaving you with little to no income. This is when you need to make sure you take the right steps from the very beginning. The very first step after getting proper medical attention is to report your accident and injury fully to your employer. Then you need to call Brad Pistotnik Law and set up a free consultation. There is no risk involved because you don't pay a dime if your case does not win. Brad and his team of lawyers and paralegals will guide you step by step through the process of filing a workers compensation claim. Also, you need to make certain that you are open with the insurance company and allow them to get your medical records directly from your doctors, this cuts off another of their denial tactics right up front. Of course Brad Pistotnik Law will guide you through that process as well.

Brad has never found the unfair tactics of insurance companies acceptable, therefore he will fight for your rights and help you get your life back on track again. Often times, insurance companies will intimidate the injured, convincing them to take a settlement that is not even sufficient enough to pay their medical expenses, much less their living expenses while they are unable to work. If you can not ever return to work, what happens then? What happens if you or your loved one needs physical therapy or in home nursing care? Catastrophic injuries are life changing experiences that can knock a person down for life, but that does not have to be you. It is hard when you are injured through no fault of your own, one day everything is fine and the next you are in the hospital. These kinds of life events are hard and horribly challenging but with the help of the the proper professionals of Wichita workers compensation attorneys, you have an advocate in your corner who has more than thirty years of experience in dealing with insurance companies and their denial tactics. Brad Pistotnik Law's staff of lawyers and paralegals will be fighting for you, allowing you and your family to rebuild your health and life, giving you the peace of mind you need during this very difficult time.

Remember that Brad formed Pistotnik Law in 1983 and changed the name in 2014 to Brad Pistotnik Law. As of April of 2016 we have four lawyers, three case managers and a fully staffed law firm with paralegals, translators, secretaries, bookkeepers and every human asset necessary to run a personal injury first class five star law firm. We help people across Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Illinois and other surrounding states. We work on truck, cycle and car accidents and help people injured in workers compensation, construction injuries and other bodily injuries. You can find us on East 21st Street just east of Webb Road. Call us anytime day or night at 316-684-4400, or 800-241-BRAD or call Brad on his cell phone at 316-706-5020.