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Personal Injury Attorneys and 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire

Basically, personal injury attorneys are specially trained as lawyers to offer legal advice to any person that has been injured either physically or emotional injured due to an accident that was caused by the negligence of another party. Personal injury lawyers usually concentrate in a particular are of the law.

Brad Pistotnik is one of the professional personal injury attorneys at their firm with over 30 years experience of practicing law. Law can be a little bit challenging especially if you have no basic information of what is really important to the insurance company. If you have suffered any type of injury due to an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, you can always get in touch with Brad Pistotnik Law firm and gain a detailed insight about your case and how best to approach it.

Brad offers free consultations to anyone who seeks advice from a professional lawyer it doesn’t matter if you are his client or not. It is a benefit that anyone in need can explore.

Clear reasons why you need to hire a Personal Injury Attorney

Well, you might still be debating if you should hire an attorney or not. Brad Pistotnik throughout his experience knows that no one can be pushed to make such decisions. Nevertheless, here are some clear reasons that Brad has put across for anyone looking for helpful advice. Brad graduated from K.U. School of Law in 1981 and opened his own personal injury law practice in 1983 which was known as Pistotnik Law. He changed the corporate name in 2014 to Brad Pistotnik Law, P.A.

1. If you keep having trouble getting your medical bills paid

Brad Pistotnik has experience in dealing with insurance companies. If you are having trouble getting your medical bills paid by your insurance company then it is more than good reason to hire a professional personal injury attorney.

Good personal injury attorneys also able to help you get the maximum possible settlement from your insurance providers.

2. If you are Facing Statute of Limitations

Brad always insists that law is quite diverse and you can only get what you potentially deserve if you work with an experienced lawyer. Statute of Limitations are a time limit under local, state and/or Federal Law that limits the amount of time you are allowed to file your claims and protect your rights.

3. If you get injured or lose property due to an accident, you shouldn’t wait for too long before you actually speak with a good attorney.

You can call brad Pistotnik and get all the advice that you need. In general, the claim process includes very tedious steps that can sometimes take several days or even weeks to conclude depending on the different situations. It is with no doubt that I can confidently tell you that wherever you feel you deserve to claim for personal injury, you will achieve more strides if you actually hired a professional yet experienced personal injury attorney to help you.

Brad is one such qualified attorney that can handle a number of cases; his firm is situated Wichita, Kansas. Feel free to contact him for more information. Call Brad Pistotnik Law at 316-684-4400, 800-2421-BRAD or on his cell at 316-706-5020.