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A Pedestrian's Rights After a Car Accident

When a car accident happens, bystanders can end up injured. This can include pedestrians walking along or crossing the roads, who are injured by the aftermath of an accident. This includes injuries from a vehicle spinning out of control or flying debris. If the driver is at-fault, the pedestrian stands to be compensated for the injuries caused. Brad, the founder of Brad Pistotnik Law, is a personal injury attorney who is always ready to help pedestrians seek legal redress for their damages. Brad does not ask clients to pay any fees until they are fully compensated. His knowledge and many years of experience in personal injury issues is instrumental in earning victory for his clients in the court. He is particularly concerned with fighting for the pedestrian’s rights and according the best legal assistance. This explains why the firm has stood the test of time and retained its clients.

When is the driver at fault?

When an accident occurs, the first task is to find out who’s responsible for causing the accident. The law of negligence is commonly the basis for determining fault. The driver is at fault if his negligent acts are directly related to the occurrence of the accident. The following actions are seen as negligent acts:

  • Drunk driving- The law clearly prohibits drunken driving. If the driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident, he or she can be sued. The injured pedestrian has a duty to provide all the information factually to his chosen law firm. Brad Pistotnik will use his capacity to gather other important details that the pedestrian could not obtain in order to strengthen his case.
  • Faulty vehicle- If the driver has been driving a faulty vehicle and the mechanical issues directly result in the accident, he has a case to answer. The driver should ensure that his car is fully functional and that all parts are up to safety standards. The scene of an accident can also be checked to determine if the car had faulty brakes.
  • Flouting traffic rules- Perhaps the car driver exceeded the speed limit or ran a red light, which caused the initial accident. Perhaps the driver was driving at restricted areas like the pedestrian crossing. If a pedestrian is injured during such instances, the driver can be held accountable. When well represented, the pedestrian stands a great chance to reap hefty compensation in the court of law.

What should a pedestrian do after the accident?

Once the accident has occurred the pedestrian should not hesitate to seek medical attention FIRST. He should act promptly to call the police, find several witnesses, and take photos of the car and scene (if he is able), then contact a lawyer to help.

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